Durga Wood Industries Private Limited

Plywood Manufacturers in Maharashtra
Plywood Manufacturer in Maharashtra

Advantages of Plywood:

Plywood is frequently used to make the Doors, etc. The essential favorable position of covering compressed wood is that it outlines a shape which is atmosphere safe and won't stick to the strong itself. Durga Wood Industries offers plywood in varied thickness of 6mm, 9mm, 12mm & 18mm in size of 6 ft x 3 ft, 6 ft x 4 ft, 7 ft x 3 ft, 7 ft x 4 ft, 8 ft x 3 ft & 8 ft x 4 ft.

  • Good uniform strength
  • Available in large sizes compared to solid wood
  • Lesser Wastage of Wood
  • Versatile material that has many applications.
  • Durable material